Let’s talk flapjacks. Before I joined Slimming World I hated them, never liked the texture and always felt they was too “healthy”. I mean just because there was oats in them didn’t mean they was healthy but that’s what my brain told me.

A few months into our journey and I craved flapjacks…. seriously what was going through my head all of a sudden? So we brought the tray of Tesco’s value flapjack which can be found in the cake aisle. This was a one off treat on an off plan day. And do you know what? I ruddy loved it!! It was sweet, it was gooey and it felt like a healthy treat…. until I worked out the syns…. oops!

Now don’t get me wrong you can totally buy the tray, portion it up and have it within your daily syn allowance, but it seemed a lot of syns on something that felt too “healthy” to be a treat and I would rather those syns on a chocolate bar or …. ice cream!! If memory serves me it cuts into 8 portions at 9 syns a piece.

So I started experimenting with a healthier recipe with lower syns and using my HexB. I have used egg, banana, butter and syrup in our recipes so some recipes will vary.

More and more flapjack recipes are appearing on our blog so do keep checking back to see what is new.