Oatbran Cakes…

Cake for breakfast anyone? I mean who doesn’t love cake? And to have it for breakfast… what other diet allows you to do that without having to starve yourself for the rest of the day?

Baked oats are all over social media with people coming up with new flavours every single day. They are a filling breakfast and can even be enjoyed as a pudding with custard, cream or even ice-cream, how about making your own ice-cream to go with it?. Mmmmm!!

We have baked oats quite regularly and the combinations are endless. From plain vanilla to melt in the middle chocolate, bakewell tart to mince pie.

The original recipe can be found on the Slimming World website, however I have my own recipe that I use which I will share down below.

The first time I tried baked oats when we first joined Slimming World I followed the original recipe from the website and I ended up throwing it out to the birds. It was hideous. Was really stodgy and wet and just tasted of egg. I really was not a fan.

I almost didn’t make them again but I spotted on one of the unofficial groups on Facebook of a jam version. It looked so gooey and delicious I thought I may as well try it again….. and I am so glad I did. I loved it…. however it still needed some work to get it to my taste so I kept experimenting each time I made them.

I then blended my oats so they became the consistency of flour and added a tiny amount of baking powder. That was the game changing moment for me. They came out exactly like the texture of a cake. Perfect!! This then became my go to recipe for several months, blended oats, yogurt, flavouring, egg and sweetener with a blob of jam in the middle….. until one of our group members told us about Oatbran…. new game changing moment for me…. you get an extra 5g for your HexB and it was already ground up so no faffing about grinding up oats, this has been my go to recipe since 2016.

The combinations of flavours and fillings change all the time now sticking to the basic ingredients of oatbran, egg, flavouring, sweetener and yogurt/quark and then changing up what goes in or even on top.

So I will stop rambling on now and share a couple of the recipes I have posted over on Instagram. More combinations will be added to this blog so do keep checking back as I have over 60+ combinations I have tried and in my recipe book. You can also find various different combinations on our Instagram page.

We have now updated our database with both oven and microwave versions. Please note that due to different wattage microwaves timings may differ slightly so our advise is to experiment with times. If they become too rubbery they are over cooked, if they are still wet on the inside then not long enough. Also note the outside of the cake once cooked will be a little wet but this dries out once you take it out the dish, this is just moisture from it cooking so quickly and is normal.

PLEASE NOTE: All recipes below can be done in both the oven and the microwave, I have just added the two sections for those who wish to follow each recipe as it is. Also note adding fresh or frozen fruit into the microwave versions can result in quite a wet cake depending how much you use so be aware of this before following some of the recipes which include fruit that are not listed under the microwave version of the recipe as I have not experimented with those yet, I will update the lists as and when I try other versions.