Dinky Donuts…

Donuts for breakfast anyone? This is a thing with Slimming World you can totally enjoy so many tasty things while on plan without feeling like you are missing out its just finding ways of fitting those favourite foods into our diets without being so restricted.

Now these donuts are not your proper fluffy seaside donuts, not by a mile, however they still have the texture and taste of those donuts but minus the oil they are cooked in (which is the part our bodies all secretly enjoy).

So we use a donut machine for ours so that it keeps the middles fluffy and the outsides crisp, you can however use a donut mould and bake them in the oven but personally we find they taste exactly the same as having baked oats (which the ingredients are basically the same for) but in a machine they seem different. It may just be our brains being tricked because we eat with our eyes after all but who knows.

So this page will get updated with various flavour combinations we do so do check back regularly or follow us on Instagram for when we post our meals.