Oat Cookies…

Cookies, I love a nice oat cookie especially the ones you get with mixed fruit in or the ones dipped in chocolate that you get around Christmas time in the selection boxes. Mmmm.

Now there are lots of cookie recipes floating around the internet and social media but 99% of them are basically a baked oats recipe but made into large cookie shapes, personally I would rather just have baked oats as they are never that crunchy texture you sometimes need from a proper biscuit.

So these little yummy cookies is a recipe I adapted from my grandparents recipe book, swapping flour to oatbran and removing the butter and adding a little milk instead.

These can be a little dry sometimes depending on the size of the egg used, so to counteract this leaving the mixture to sit for a little while to allow the oats absorb the moisture is a step I highly recommend doing. This allows you to add a little extra milk if you think it needs it, this prevents them from drying out when baking.