As with all recipes we urge you to taste as you cook, adding salt and pepper where it may be needed, extra herbs and spices, sweetener or sugar if you feel its needed etc. We just put the minimum amount in our recipes for those who don’t like too much salt, sweetener or herbs and spices so it is down to yourselves to add extra if you feel it may be needed.

Cooking times can vary too, every microwave, oven, slow cooker etc are different, so please judge for yourselves when things are cooked. A little extra time or a little less time may be needed.

Please note that we have a fan assisted oven so please adjust these accordingly to your own.

We hope you enjoy these recipes and please do tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can see your recreations, we love to see them. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about us too. We appreciate the love and support you all give us.

Main Meals & Side Dishes…

The 3 main meals in a day, there is sure to be something here for everyone plus some sides.




Side Dishes

Buffet & Afternoon Tea, Savoury Snacks & Sauces…

Ideas for afternoon teas, Pork pies, BBQ sauce, Custard and more.

Buffet – Afternoon tea (Coming Soon)

Savoury Snacks

Sauces / Condiments

Sweet Accompaniments

Desserts, Sweet Treats, Cakes & Biscuits & Ice Cream…

Crumbles, sponge cakes, ice cream, tarts and more.

Desserts / Puddings

Sweet Treats

Cakes & Biscuits

Ice Cream

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